Maartje C. de Jong - Dance your PhD

Winner of the 'Dance Your PhD' contest 2010 in the category Biology:
How does your brain analyzed visual information?

Explanation of the dance:
You are about to watch a video-clip... Visual information will be entering your brain.

At first the visual information in your brain is unorganized. There is a lot of information and it is a mess. In an intelligent way the brain examines and organizes the information.

It is too much to experience everything there is to see. You will select only a small part of the information for conscious experience. Then you are suddenly interrupted by a phone call and you forget about the video-clip for a moment.

After the phone call you look at the video-clip again. Because your brain has remembered it the structuring of information will be fast and efficient. The way you perceive the video-clip is modified by your memories. The memories stored in your brain interact with the visual information.

The result: watching the video-clip is a vivid conscious experience you will not forget!

[Photos of rehearsals]