de Jong et al., 2020, Current Biology

M.C. de Jong, M.J. Vansteensel, R. van Ee, F.S.S. Leijten, N.F. Ramsey, H.C. Dijkerman, S.O. Dumoulin*, T. Knapen*. *contributed equally.
Intracranial recordings reveal unique shape and timing of responses in human visual cortex during illusory visual events.
Current Biology (2020), 30(16), 3089-3100.   [link]   [PDF]

This paper was subject of a dispatch article by Dr. A. Maier in the same issue of Current Biology:
"In this issue of Current Biology, de Jong et al. [2] address the long-standing question where in the brain these reversals of perception originate. [...] the illusory reversals showed a more sluggish change in activity that took on the inverse temporal order, with temporal lobe responses preceding those of the occipital cortex. In other words, the internally generated perceptual transitions indeed resembled a reverse hierarchy: Visual cortical areas that are more involved in interpreting visual stimuli lead early visual cortex in signaling the perceptual change"
Maier A.
Visual Perception: Human Brain Cells Cause a Changeof View.
Current Biology (2020), 30(16), R932-R961). [PDF]

Video summarizing main findings (recorded for Virtual Vision Sciences Society conference (V-VSS) 2020):